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My first little office (2012)

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My goal is to build sales funnels online to help friends, family and every business owner I know to earn enough money online to afford the lifestyle they really want.
Michael Looper 
Follow My Journey...
Yes, for the last several years I have been working to follow my dream of making money online.  After many years in the normal workforce I realized there had to be a better way of "paying the bills".  I have been in sales all my life and while I am no stranger to direct sales and "knocking doors", I like the idea of "working smart" to maximize my efforts.  In short, I don't mind working hard, but, I also want to earn enough to make it worthwhile.  I started with what little I knew and kept at it until I learned as much as I could about the internet and social media.
My quest is to help the "little people"
finally get ahead in life!
Chapter 1: The Creation
I built an office using old computer equipment people threw out.  I didn't care how old the equipment was, I simply used what I could find the best way I knew how.
Today our cell phones have more power than the computers I started out with, but I always say "do the best with what you've got".
Unfortunately I had to close that office and start again.  My dream is to have a room full of screens that help me track my businesses and showcase what I do in "real time".
Sadly most of those computers were lost in a storage unit.  I continue to collect old computers and put them to work any way I can.
"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
Chapter 2: The Beginning
This is a new day for me!  I am learning how to let go of the past and continue moving forward.  Mistakes are simply part of the journey!  I believe in order to get the result I have always wanted I simply have to keep trying until I get it right!

My new set up is small but compfie!  I continue to collect old computers and put them to work.  I also love new technology and am doing my best to upgrade as I go.

It is amazing to me what people throw in the trash these days.  I am always on the lookout for new stuff to add to my collection.  My goal is to use the old stuff to get the new stuff.  The more computers I have woking for me the better!  It sure beats seeing them go into a landfill.  The way I figure it, better to use them any way possible then to see them go to waste!

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